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How to recover my gmail password

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The process to create a gmail account is an easy one and everyone can do that without any issues. Issues come when the user forgets the password of the account and hence could not get the access to the gmail account. In that case it becomes really important to recover the password else the access to the account could not be get back.

Now there are a number of methods by which a person can recover the account such as by using the recovery mail, recovery phone number or by answering few security questions. Now it is competely up to the user that which method he wants to use. So just in case the user does not have the recovery phone number handy then he can go for other process. So the simple way to do Gmail Account Recovery without phone number is as follows:-

First of all visit the fogot password page of gmail.

Followed by entering the recover number on which you wants to get the code.

After that you just have to select the submit button.

Followed by checking the inox for the password reset email.

As you get that, you just have to click on the Url that is given there and then you will be forwarded to a page where you can set a new password for yourself.

just in case you get into any form of issues then you can simply get in touch with the techies from the gmail customer service to get all your queries resolved in just no time.