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Service Provider
RightRez is a leading travel technology company that provides creative automation solutions for the tour, cruise, crew and gas/energy markets.

RightRez currently services some of the world’s largest and most successful cruise lines and tour operators, as well as smaller, and segment serving leisure providers.
We provide quality customizable software created by quality people to aid in controlling negotiated fares and reducing overall air department costs. Our dynamic booking solutions, itinerary management tools, and custom development applications serve numerous clients in their day-to-day operations.

Developed in collaboration with our clients, our product lines deliver a comprehensive set of tools that provide the power to automate the majority of your air bookings, thereby making the air department a lucrative extension of your business plan. When the profitability of your business dictates strict adherence to negotiated fares and the complexities that go with it, RightRez provides the tools to keep you on track. The RightRez product line provides a cost effective and proven set of solutions which will maximize your profits and minimize your agent efforts.

RightRez offers a complete line of automated air booking solutions, optimized for your specific business and industry.

Save time and money. Our reshopping products are designed to reduce air costs and to save agent time. As air availability, fares, and market conditions change, stay one step ahead with fully automated reshopping.

Identify potential issues before they become emergencies! Our mid-office products automate the QC processing and management of your PNRs. Identify ing issues with PNRs at the time the error occurs, allowing you to be proactive in your business.

Lower the cost of running your Air Department! RightRez's automated ticketing process will reduce the amount of time spent issuing tickets while also reducing mistakes.

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