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ClearFuture Healthcare Inc.

Service Provider
I am open to offering some guidance with introducing technology in the Healthcare Space.

ClearFuture Healthcare provides hospital with the opportunity for patients to be engaged in their hospital stay through a mobile application that delivers schedules, education, bidirectional communications with caregivers, and more. The Health Informatics Technology space is a difficult space to be in. There are many risks and funding is in abundance. We are here on Switchboard to help anyone who is in the HIT space that would like support or guidance. My cofounder and I have a combined experience in healthcare for over 20 years, which include but are not limited to; Meaningful Use, Direct Patient Care in most adult settings, Informatics, Electronic Medical Recording Systems, and speaking engagements on Disruptive Technology inside of Healthcare. We are currently working with our first hospitals outside of Indiana. We are also open to partnerships and collaborations with others if the right opportunity arose.

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4817 North Palisade Drive