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Activate Google Voice Search in Android if it is Not Working


Google voice search is a software that has been launched by Google only which accepts voice commands and gives the search result accordingly. Google voice search gives you the freedom to do so much just using your voice. You can change your account settings, just give the command “Open Google Account Settings”.

But if you are facing the trouble of google voice search not working, then, to activate it, go through following:

Open the Google app.

Tap on Menu , present at the bottom right.

Click on Settings, then, Voice.

Click on “OK Google” Detection.

To start the voice search on the Android phone or tablet, open the Google app.

Say “OK Google” or tap Microphone.

The above easy to follow steps activate Google voice search android.

With Google voice search, a user can set an alarm, set a reminder, see SMS(text) messages. One can also see the upcoming bills, and check the schedule.

The following are exciting features that Google voice search has given in it.

Say “OK Google”: You can give the voice command just by saying “OK Google”

From any screen on the device, if the screen is on or the device is charging.

Always on: Google voice search can be activated whether the screen is On or Off.

Unlock with voice identification: If a user says OK Google from a secure lock screen and if Google voice search recognizes the sound of the voice, one can ask Google to do things for the user or can visit sites without unlocking the device manually.

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